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Is this thing on?

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

This is a test, this is merely a test. There will be more to come. There was a period of rest, of introspection and of debauchery. That time is over. This is merely a test.

The Kids Are All Right

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

the kids are all right poster

The kids may be alright, but the title is horrible, it did nothing to entice me to watching this best picture Oscar nominee. When I heard the title, the kids are alright, I imagined a children’s comedy where unruly ten to twelve-year-old kids go on adventures and get themselves into trouble, all the while outwitting adults, and in the end their childish fantasy and games make them heroes. That is not this movie; this is a family drama with conflict between the two teenage kids and their lesbian parents as the kids seek out their sperm donor dad.

The movie opens well with establishing the family characters and the inciting incident, but from there it looses focus and as the run time hastened toward the climax, the story arc runs out of breath and limps toward the end. Without the properly defined conflicts and consequences, it is simply hard to get excited for the storyline or its characters.

The cast is strong, but several of the conflicts are poorly illuminated and there is a distinct lack of any resolution. It is in essence a 2 hour window into a family and its conflicts, but when the window shuts, we are left wondering why we were peeping. The director should have either taken the story more seriously and put one of the conflicts in focus, or lightened up the mood. The family drama has several humorous moments, but not enough to warrant comedy status. The lacking focus and resolution would have been more excusable, if the movie had leaned more toward a comedy, and perhaps been entitled “Daddy Issues”.

The Long Haul.

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

She’s Almost a wrap. ‘Catharsis’ has been my wife for over the past 3 years…and to think this all started on a mushroom trip, on a conversation about advanced civilizations and on spite for an ex-girlfriend.
My early thirties have been spent working on one film and while many of our friends, family and supporters expect something great and epic…I just want the fucking thing done. Yes we have taken our time, As Professor Valentine would tell us, as a film-maker, “take your time…don’t fuck it up, take your time.”
If anything, ‘Catharsis’ can be seen as our ‘Senior’ project in the self-enrolled LRP film school, she’s the crowbar we’ve built to crack open the door to gain us access to that party where other assholes are making shitty movies…From time to time, I go to a video store to remind myself if these assholes can make some piece of a crap movie about some shitty story line…with some else’s money, then nothing is to stop us…and nothing will.
In this day and age of instant gratification and disposalbilty, 3 years may seem like a long time for some…but when one has found a passion one is willing to work till one’s dying breath…3 years is just sparring for the big fight.

-In LRP we trust-

LRP PSA for Valentine’s Day

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Play Safe, Don’t Celebrate

The Alphabet Meme

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

This is a little game deviced over on Blog Cabins and round about The Movie Whore, I got tagged to play along. The object should be self evident.

Babette’s Feast
Dancer in the Dark
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
Fog of War, the
Godfather, the
Illusionist, the
Joy luck club, the
Kiss kiss bang bang
L.A. Confidential
Night of the Living Dead
Once Upon a Time in the West
Queen, the
Rain Man
Sword of Doom
This is Spinal Tap
X-files, the
Yes men, the

That should make for a good mix.
I found this site helpful.

Kim OJ

Dejavu; a fitting title

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Still in the process of scripting Catharsis with its time travel theme, I thought it might be beneficial to see how others had dealt with the problems, and learn from it, so I watched Dejavu. Dejavu is in essence a movie we have all seen before, but you should be warned that this rant contains spoilers. As I re-watched this movie (forgetting that I had seen it before, but getting that sense of dejavu as it progressed), and wondered why it did not make a bigger impression on me the first or second time. It had a good cast, plot potential, and a big budget, but in the end it fell for the classic Hollywood sin of a forced happy ending.

When you open that door

Dejavu falls into the category of science fiction with its time travel plot, and it even dives into a short overview of some time travel theories. This creates the assumption of scientific validity in the audience’s mind, and the anticipation that the movie will show which theory is correct. When you open that door you have to follow through, but Dejavu fails by breaking the rules of all the theories and therefore not answering the question either. So the audience is left with the sad feeling of unrealized anticipation, and in its place is served a happy ending.

The Happy Ending

Happy endings do better at the box office. It is a sad fact. So I blame greed, when a movie, that had aligned it self with the deterministic view of time travel up until the last 15 minutes, suddenly changes course and steers straight towards the happy ending. This movie could have been a shocking tragedy with an unsuspected breach of Hollywood formula. It could have followed its own rules, followed through on its setup, and given its audience closure, but in stead they went straight for your dollars. I feel confident that Catharsis will not suffer from these mistakes.

- Kim OJ